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Mos Def has been vocal on several social and political causes, including police brutality, the idea of American exceptionalism, and the state of African Americans.

Although his father was initially a member of the Nation of Islam and later followed Imam Warith Deen Mohammed, who merged into mainstream Sunni Islam from the Nation, Mos Def was not exposed to Islam until the age of 13.

Contrary to some reports, Mos Def was never banned from the United States.

But the Brooklyn-born actor and emcee is in France now, celebrating the Cannes Film Festival. The 41-year old has been spotted out and about with double Hollywood kid Zoe Kravitz.

He was featured on the roster of Rawkus Records and in 1999 released his solo debut, Black on Both Sides.Then on August 17, 2005 he got chance to travel to Canada where he married to music video model Alana Wyatt.His second marriage followed a tumultuous relationship; then couple separated soon there after, but have not yet divorced.The 26-year old is at the festival to promote her roles in with co-stars A$AP Rocky.Zoe, who’s been tied to Drake in the past, seemed to confirm some type of romantic relationship with Def with this social media message: For the record, Lenny Kravitz is 50, so Mos Def is not quite old enough to be her dad.

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