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But we didn’t just focus on supernatural matters, so here’s the rest of the chat. No one goes downtown on a Friday night to hear the street performers. We really appreciate their support, talking to them, and they’re funny. Music is the primary thing, through and through, no doubt, but I’ve always loved acting. I was fortunate enough to be part of some theater productions at Lee, the university where I went to school. I’ve done a couple little short film things, that were fun.Asked what advice he’d give to his fellow buskers, Beckham said: I’d say, I know where you’re at, and I know how hard that work is, but to keep working hard, just doing what you think you’re called to do, ultimately, and just work hard at it. They go down for the bar or for the restaurant or wherever they’re going. ” They propose to me, and then they’ll propose to Nick, and they’ll propose to Daniel, and then to Rayvon … So, acting is another passion of mine, but truly music is what I hope to be doing primarily, forever.Instead, Romo married 2008 Miss Missouri USA Candice Crawford.

Just because “American Idol” is happening doesn’t mean that life doesn’t go on for the contestants. It’s a great personality trait that I admire, and I would like to be more like her in that way. Her fiance is really cool, really nice guy, I’m happy for you. When the regular DJ called in sick, Sullivan put him on the air for the very first show of his broadcasting career.Seacrest went on to study journalism at the University of Georgia in fall 1992.Before he was a contestant on “American Idol,” Clark Beckham used to be a “busker,” a street singer, in Nashville, Tennessee.You’ve all seen them, those people, playing guitars or saxophones or something else, or just singing, with a hat or an instrument case or a basket in front of them, collecting tips from passers-by. ” “I was playing for, like, 20 minutes, and I didn’t get anything.” “You gotta be out there for .”Then they’ll get discouraged, because they’ll be out there for an hour and make, like, a dollar.

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