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Age: 31 y/o | Job: sportsman Status: Eddie Harrison I am a fun loving, jovial, kind, lovely and passionate man. The entire “Warning to Copycats & Clones” is great: “We have retained one of the top intellectual property law firms in America. The patent application claims coverage of basically all complex objects, including people, in almost every country. There is no money to made in creating another ID coding system. If necessary, we will donate Social Grid and the patent to Google to insure one standardized coding system.It is highly recommended that you review all the data for accuracy.joseph Am simple,friendly,kind and very hard a type of man that knows what he wants and goes for i very easy going person simple by nature and very patient in life.i love seen other people l…

It’s all very “Resistance is futile.” And drat, I wish I had this earlier, it’d save me many failed relationships (soulmate, mentor, employer or employee, client, investor, or friend) and keep me sheltered and pure as the driven snow.Survey participants were asked to reflect on their personal experiences.Most participants’ enthusiasm for the type of connectedness they feel online is evident, and many told their own specific and very personal stories in the written elaborations.In all of the tension pairs offered in the 2010 survey, people’s answers were dependent upon how they defined the key terms in the question set – in this instance, the respondents’ individual definition of the word “social” was primary and it varied, as expected.The growing popularity of social networks over the past five years has had a significant impact on personal and professional relationships and many survey participants referred to Facebook and social networks in general in their answers.

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