Rachel bilson and adam brody dating

are up in TV heaven with Marissa Cooper (RIP) — it may be coming true in real life.

Leighton Meester (who sort of kind of looks like Rachel Bilson) and Adam Brody are reportedly dating.

“I love to cook, so we make dinner at home a lot and watch movies.” Bilson rarely opens up about her love life, but she seems eager to express her feelings about wanting a family in the near future.

“I definitely have family on the brain,” she tells the magazine.

The sunny, aspirational drama made us wish we were part of a world where the main problems were what to wear for cotillion or what love triangle you were involved in that week.

No matter which way you say it, you can’t help but imagine the crossover possibilities between these polar opposite characters.

(CBS NEWS) – Maybe Hayden Christensen should put a ring on it (again), and lock down his love of six years, Rachel Bilson.

Because from the way the “Hart of Dixie” star tells it, she could be going for girlfriend of the year.

I know that sounds weird, but look at Leighton and Adam in the photo on US Weekly’s site.

They’re making the same expression and they look like they could be related!

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Once the pilot aired, however, Schwartz and Fox managed to turn those disadvantages to the show’s favor.

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