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He has never been speculated and rumored to be a gay or a bi-sexual.

His personal life and dating history have been majorly talked about by his fans around the world.

The rumour that they had married in 2009 only emerged after the couple split. Perhaps that is why there was an assumption that the two had married.

Gael later clarified that he and Dolores had certainly made a commitment to one another and had decided to have children and be a family.

We’ve got a new comic for your perusal, so peruse away. rather than inquire about the movie and/or the making of, the crowd was more interested in pestering the star/ writer/ director zach braff (from the show scrubs) if he knows anybody that the person asking might also know. anyway my whole reason for going was to meet natalie portman, which at this point in time i was still under the impression that i was going to be able to.

And finally, Martin fixed up a previously submitted wallpaper a bit. i personally brought a book to read which proved handy during the name dropping free for all purported to be a “q and a session”.

Just off to bed when I saw that the new Garden State trailer is up. If you have trouble/don’t know how to download for keeps on the apple site, we now have it: Please use this link with care to protect dear old Hal Enjoy. A big thanks to breep6 for sending in a nice big juicy hi res pic of the Garden State poster. Of all the wonderful images in the trailer that’s the one they go for? On a related note, Amidoll found this news item reporting that GS will be opening the Nantucket festival. And finally, here’s a picture from the Michigan screening of GS, as well as a report from a dude’s blog. saturday night was the jarc fund raiser / advance screening of the movie “garden state”. Click here to get voting and click the playoff tree to see who progressed. But enough about what I think, head over to the poll and have your say. it was then that another large security guy wanted to see i.d. so in conclusion i did not get to meet natalie portman nor did i get her to fall in love with me or have sex with me. zach w Hey all Not really in the mood for a big update today so we’ve just got the new poll for you guys. So this last batch of first round pics is a day shorter, which I don’t think will make much difference. The monologue of Nat’s half way through the trailer is a bit crappy but the dialogue nearer the end works a lot better. after a big to do sneaking in i found natalie behind hiding in a corner behind 3 large racially ambiguous body guards. to pass the time waiting for her to socialize with the commoners i commenced getting shit faced on jacks and cokes. apparently she never came out and socialized so i didn’t miss much. i ended up having to call my dad and have him pick me up because my friends were still inside and i was outside, drunk and running out of cigs.Since the couple kept under the radar for the most part, occasionally appearing on a red carpet or being snapped by paparazzi, we can only assume that they were happy, because they looked happy.But in September 2014 Gael confirmed that he and Dolores had split up.

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