Invalidating the data store

You may have been redirected to this page if you followed a link to the Dispatcher documentation that is embedded in the documentation for a previous version of AEM.Dispatcher is Adobe Experience Manager's caching and/or load balancing tool.The end of a web session is usually triggered by one of the following two events: Both cases must be implemented carefully, in order to avoid introducing weaknesses that could be exploited by an attacker to gain unauthorized access.

“The Court of Justice declares that the Commission’s U. Safe Harbour Decision is invalid,” the ECJ said in a statement today, reported by Reuters. The Safe Harbor executive decision allows companies to self certify to provide “adequate protection” for the data of European users to comply with the European data protection directive, and with fundamental European rights such as the right to privacy (under Article 8 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights).Using AEM's Dispatcher also helps to protect your AEM server from attack.Therefore, you can increase the security of your AEM instance by using the Dispatcher in conjunction with an enterprise-class web server.The process for deploying a Dispatcher is independent of the web server and OS platform chosen: The most common use of Dispatcher is to cache responses from an AEM publish instance, to increase the responsiveness and security of your externally facing published website. But, the Dispatcher can also be used to increase the responsiveness of your author instance, particularly if you have a large number users editing and updating your website.For details specific to this case see Using a Dispatcher with an Author Server, below.

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Open JPA's data cache is not related to the cache aimed at guaranteeing transaction isolation when operating on persistent objects.

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  1. The potential for predatory comments or bullying of broadcasters is a concern, as is the possibility of viewing inappropriate content, even though the message shown when logging on to each broadcast reminds users to report any violent or sexual content.