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Logging in to your Online Store/my Home account You may need your pump serial number if you call the 24-hour helpline. Look on the Back of Your Device The serial number (SN) is located on the back of your pump.On the back of your device, look for the letters "SN" (which stands for serial number).Look in my Home Sign in to your online Medtronic account at On the my Home page, the device information is located on the top left side of the screen.In Excel, the day after 1900-Feb-28 is 1900-Feb-29. Microsoft decided to continue Lotus' bug, in order to fully compatible.Users who switched from 123 to Excel would not have to make any changes to their data.Click on “More Details” to get to the list of your Medtronic devices.

Therefore, when supplied with this value, the Hour function ignores the full day and simply returns the hour value 5.

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There are three ways to find the serial number of your insulin pump: 1. If you are using the belt clip, you need to remove the belt clip to view the serial number.

Almost all projects and applications in Excel use dates and times in some way.

A project may need to determine the number of days between two dates, or determine the date that is so many days in the future.

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