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"I guess it's true that you can get used to anything," Mrs. Young changed her name to Noel Toy, which she chose because she loved Christmas, and hit the stage.The English mainstream loves its eccentrics, but purveyors of the strange had better watch their step.She was, they said, a pioneering performer who shattered the day's stereotypes about women in general and Chinese women in particular.She was sensual, outspoken and rebellious in an era when women were expected to be prim, reticent and submissive.This powerful symbol recruited two million women into the workforce to support the war economy.

The iconic image of a woman in overalls, her hair tied up in a bandana, and flexing her bicep below the headline, “We Can Do It,” is one of the most recognizable images from World War II.In this day and age, when Victoria's Secret models prance around on prime- time television, it's hard to think of a stripper as scandalous. Young was just that, appearing on stage wearing nothing more than ostrich plumes.She was known as Noel Toy, and she was the nation's first Chinese American fan dancer -- she'd be called an exotic dancer nowadays -- and among the most famous women to practice the art. Young was more than a stripper, according to those who knew her.Soon after her birth, the family opened a laundry in Inverness, where, the story goes, they were the only Chinese residents. Young was just months away from a journalism degree at UC Berkeley when she was offered a role in the Chinese village show at the World's Fair on Treasure Island in 1939, a job that required little more than standing around in a Chinese gown. I went home and told my mother what I was planning to do, and she raised the roof." Mrs.Young was known to offer different accounts of the same event, and said a few years ago that her mother hadn't learned of her career choice until a photograph of Mrs. However it happened, though, the mother soon embraced the daughter's line of work.

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