Dating pregnancy by ultrasound

I never had a period between having my first and getting pregnant with the second.From our experience, they are so accurate the technician could tell the original due date given to us by our nurse practitioner was wrong by about a week.I was not sure how far along I am because I never had a period after I had my baby at the end of May. I had 2 ultrasounds (one at about 8 weeks and one at about 20 weeks) and both put my due date April 12th. But I'd say that ultrasound due dating at the early stages of pregnancy are pretty accurate.I went in for an ultrasound today to date it and they said I'm 12 weeks and 1 day, and my due date is June 25th. Don't schedule anything big in that window and you'll be fine - just be ready to go! Try using a pregnancy calculator (here's a link to just one I found online, I'm sure there are many: to get an idea of when you are due before you go into the ultrasound.The following FAQ contains general information about ultrasounds, how they are done, types of ultrasounds available, the technology used in ultrasounds, the safety and accuracy of ultrasounds, and the justification (or lack thereof) for various indications for ultrasounds.

A transducer, a wand-shaped probe, is inserted into the vagina and pressed against the vaginal walls directly next to the uterus.

There are basically seven different ultrasound exams, but the principle process is the same.

The different types of procedures include: Transvaginal Scans – Specially designed probe transducers are used inside the vagina to generate sonogram images.

Big moms should read THIS FAQ first before reading the other FAQ so that they can understand the full implications of ultrasounds in general, before reading how they impact big moms in particular.

"The technology of prenatal diagnosis is usually presented to us as a solution, but it brings with it problems of its of prenatal diagnosis has changed and continues to change women's experience of pregnancy." All pregnant women in our technology-happy modern society face confusing choices about prenatal testing, its advantages and disadvantages, and its appropriateness for them.

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