Dating personals for people with ostomy do edward and bella dating in real life

An ostomy alone is not a deterrent to any activities you are otherwise capable of and that includes your social life.Whether a person desires companionship, active participation in sex, or a serious romance leading to marriage, how one's surgery will be accepted by a potential partner or friend is a normal concern.Just wondering whether there is an official dating/friendship site for people with an ostomy/urostomy/ileostomy? A dating site for people with Crohn's , ulcerative colitis, IBD, cancer, ostomies. I did not look where you are from but to me it seems like there are a lot of people from the UK, Canada. No one would laugh about wanting to meet people - it's natural.It would be so much more comfortable to meet/communicate with someone like yourself. Best wishes, Marisa If you find one please let me know, I checked out the Meet a Ostomate, it's not like a dating site, I would like to find a dating site to, it sucks getting ready to turn the big 50 and begin single, don't get me wrong there are pro's to begin single butttt would much rather spend this journey of life with a man....

I feel blessed to have a group of people like this in my life.

Hugs Donna There is a site called Meet an Ostomate - I don't really know much about it but you can google it and see what's there.

It would be so nice to date someone with a stoma also..luck and please keep me posted what you find out.

To you, the ostomy bag attached to you is very obvious.

When you look in the mirror, you notice the bag under your clothes.

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As you get used to your ostomy, you'll figure out tips and tricks to keep the bag concealed and the noises to a minimum.

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