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I just meet people and if I go out with them, I go out with them, and if I like them, I like them and if I don't, I don't. It’s about who they are, it has nothing to do with age." "I dated Beau [Casper Smart] and he was younger and that was the first guy I ever dated younger than me and then I got labeled right away," she continued. Lopez and the much younger rapper, 30, first sparked romance rumors when they posted a cozy photo together while working on new music."We were just hanging out," Lopez joked of the photo on Tuesday. So, yeah, we have a song together," the "On the Floor" singer explained.

In fact, you might be surprised how most of celebrity relationships don’t seem to mind age differences at all.

Rain (33) and Kim Tae Hee (35)The Please Come Back, Mister actor and the Yong Pal actress have been dating since 2012.

When asked the big question about marriage, Kim Tae Hee revealed that she and Rain do talk about it.

Ben 10’s, Toyboys, sugar babies — the not-so-nice names for younger men who date older women are endless but then again, age is nothing but a number right?

We count down 10 female celebrities who really didn’t care what the world would say and went ahead and dated their younger counter parts — for some it is still going strong but for others, it has ended in heartache.

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