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Police Lieutenant Colonel Sulasak Kalokwilas is one of those tasked with what many might deem the ultimate Sisyphean task: weaning Pattaya off sex. We’re trying to make those bars disappear,” he explained.As he spoke, lines of women stood behind him in revealing outfits enticing punters into bars with names like Taboo and G-Spot as well as Fahrenheit—a nightspot boasting “The Hottest Girls in Pattaya”.But concerns about the impact on Thailand’s reputation have spurred authorities to act, while frequent reports of underage sex workers, drug abuse and mafia operations further muddy Pattaya’s name.

She is bullish because she, like tens of thousands of others in the industry, have no plans to give up their jobs.Forty-two potential jurors will return to court on Tuesday for additional questioning.Hundreds of other prospective jurors are also available if needed.One said his sister had been a sexual assault victim but that he could put that aside in judging the case. Each side can reject seven potential jurors and three alternates without explanation.The defence rejected four yesterday, while prosecutors dismissed two.

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Many expats living in Kuala Lumpur will even head up to the airport to buy their alcohol duty free to save some money.

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