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Swami Sivananda walked out with a clean bill of health but for high blood pressure -even then his diastolic was absolutely normal at 80. Swami Sivananda's passport and Aadhaar card put his age at 120, but he looks 50 years younger -there's hardly a wrinkle on his cheeks.

Doctors and nurses at the private hospi tal were awestruck by the monk's mental and physical agility.

Here is a brief overview of the top richest Bollywood actresses as of 2015. Amir is an actor who does only one movie in a year but he is said to deliver not ...

(1) This man is known as king khan of Bollywood and he is the second ....

In fact, he is about five years older than Japan's Jiroemon Kimura, who holds the Guinness Record now.

Though based in Varanasi, he moves around the country and abroad for spiritual discourses.

During the 2009 state elections, she was involved in confrontations and political antics with her rival opposition party leaders, which ultimately led to her defeat for the second consecutive time in the AP state Assembly elections.

Some days later, she was sold to a man from Gujarat as a farm labourer.

She worked in his field and slept in the pump room, where she was allegedly raped every night by the man's son.

NEW DELHI: One June evening in 2006, an 11-year-old girl left home in Khajuri Khas, northeast Delhi, in a huff to stay with her uncle.

Between then and her return home, she was kidnapped, enslaved, repeatedly raped, sold in marriage, widowed by drugs, dispossessed of her two children and sold to a dance bar. When Mala — not her real name as rape survivors cannot be named — returned home on July 24 this year, her mother fainted thinking she had seen a ghost.

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Mother and daughter can only lament their tiff on that June night 10 years ago. A Maruti van stopped beside her, a couple jumped out, pressed a cloth soaked in some drug to her nose till she fainted, and drove away with her.

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